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In The Cloud

Data from the Volito is uploaded to our cloud database. Machine learning and AI differentiates the specific insect species from each other and groups data for the user.

Volito provides data, and it is data that is the actual product of FaunaPhotonics. We have grouped our data insights into 4 easily understandable packages, each of which can be seen below. All insights and data products are available regardless of where you place the sensor – so if you are a farmer wanting to look at a specific pest or pollinator, or working for a company interested in monitoring biodiversity in your supply chain, all of these insights are available to you. We are continuously adding to our data product range, so please check back regularly.

The Faunaphotonics Product Range

General Insect Activity


Data every 30 minutes about total number of insects seen by your Volito

Specific Species Activity


Identification of individual species.  Our current insect portfolio can be seen below, and more will be added continually:

  • pollen beetles

  • cabbage stem flea beetles

  • honeybees

  • buff-tailed bumblebees

  • European grapevine moth

  • peach potato aphids

  • black bean aphids

Insect Group Insight


Insights into insect groupings such as:

  • Beneficials / non –beneficials

  • Predators / pollinators / parasitoids

  • Mosquitoes

Biodiversity Overview


Your Volito can see individual species but also so much more. Data driven insect insights allow us to create a unique approach to biodiversity with a variety of data products.

  • Insect diversity / richness

  • Insect Biomass

  • Beneficial groups

  • Diversity of beneficial insects

  • Key beneficial species

Heatmap – Coming Soon


Using our sensor technology to create heatmaps of fields to determine areas of high and low insect counts.

  • Overall Insect Counts
  • Specific species Counts

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FAQ – Data Products

What is the advantage of the Volito compared to manually checking for pests with traditional traps?2022-04-07T12:33:11+02:00
  1. The Volito provides near real-time information to the user, a digital “heads-up” of the activity in your field, saving you from continually going to the field to check the traps.   As more and more insects are added into our insect library, Volito will become an invaluable early warning and monitoring system that supports and enhances the insights already gained from traditional monitoring services.
How many Volitos would I need to get data from my field?2022-04-07T12:35:18+02:00
  1. You only need one Volito to get access to data.  In the future it will be possible to subscribe to our network of sensors without having a Volito.
Is it possible to buy a Volito? What am I buying as a user and what kind of data do I get?2022-04-07T12:48:22+02:00
  1. You rent your Volito and the data subscription via our distributors – FaunaPhotonics does not rent the equipment directly to the user.
  2. Your distributor will provide you with all equipment and access to all data of interest to you, via data subscription.  Please contact us for further information.
Can the technology differentiate insects at species level?2022-04-07T12:50:05+02:00
  1. Yes, we use machine learning to differentiate the insect species from each other.    As of today we see seven specific insects, and are working hard to add more.
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