An update from our MISTI program Intern Yujie Wang.


How might we empower health analytics for sustainable aquaculture with sensor networks and Artificial Intelligence? Our MISTI program intern Yujie Wang has been working with this exact question through January 2021, contacting and interviewing stakeholders within the aquaculture industry. He has written a small sum up of this project, so far, below:

An update from our MISTI program Intern Yujie Wang.2022-03-28T14:51:52+02:00

Sensing salmon lice larvae with lasers


Through the past 3 years we have been working on a PhD with Josefine Nielsen and DTU Aqua understanding the potentials of our sensor technology in detecting salmon lice larvae (Lepeophtheirus salmonis) in aquaculture. The PhD is reaching the end, so what have we found and where will we take it from here?

Sensing salmon lice larvae with lasers2022-03-28T14:08:56+02:00

Larval stage sea lice in aquaculture


We are working towards a sensor for real-time, automated detection and classification of larval stage salmon lice. Aiming for an early detection of the larval parasites before they attach to the host fish, we hope to improve the treatment planning and the use of preventive, non-medical treatment for the farmers.

Larval stage sea lice in aquaculture2022-03-29T12:53:49+02:00
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