Testing with Invivo in wine crop summer 2020 and 2021


During last summer we partnered with the French agricultural cooperative group Invivo, looking at the activity of European grapewine moths and American grapewine leafhoppers in French wine crops.

Testing with Invivo in wine crop summer 2020 and 20212022-03-28T12:38:02+02:00

John Deere Startup Collaborator Program


In January 2020 John Deere announced the participants of the second round of their startup collaborator program. FaunaPhotonics is one of 4 startup companies to take part in this program during 2020.

John Deere Startup Collaborator Program2022-03-29T11:48:10+02:00

Industrial PhD – Biodiversity


In January 2020 our data analyst Klas Rydhmer, who has been part of the company since 2016, began an industrial PhD with the working title: Development of automated and non-intrusive monitoring of pollinators and insect biodiversity using optical sensor.

Industrial PhD – Biodiversity2022-03-22T15:00:30+01:00

Innovation Post doc – Modelling and monitoring


In January 2020 Post-Doctoral Fellow Dr. Emily Bick started a 2-year project in collaboration with the University of Copenhagen and FaunaPhotonics, funded in part by the Danish Innovationsfonden. The working title of the project is: The optimization of agricultural pest management strategies by combining modelling and digital insect monitoring.

Innovation Post doc – Modelling and monitoring2022-03-28T12:36:04+02:00

Larval stage sea lice in aquaculture


We are working towards a sensor for real-time, automated detection and classification of larval stage salmon lice. Aiming for an early detection of the larval parasites before they attach to the host fish, we hope to improve the treatment planning and the use of preventive, non-medical treatment for the farmers.

Larval stage sea lice in aquaculture2022-03-29T12:53:49+02:00
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