FaunaPhotonics Danish Biodiversity Project 2022

FaunaPhotonics is Copenhagen-based and is running a biodiversity initiative in summer and autumn 2022. We place sensors around Denmark to collect insect observations and biodiversity data. The data can be accessed through FaunaPhotonics’ customer portal and can be compared – with other habitats and locations or at the same location during a time period. With this, we can identify effective interventions that enhance biodiversity.

July 27, 2022

We need to act now

Our biodiversity is at risk. Scientific studies show a 75% decline in insect biomass in the last 3 decades (Source: Hallmann et al., 2017). Biodiversity is included in many of UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and insect biodiversity is important for life on land as well as for food production.

Additionally, on the 22nd of June 2022, the European Commission adopted the proposal for a Nature Restoration Law, which is one of the key elements of the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030. Some targets of this strategy are aligned with FaunaPhotonics’ approach to revolutionising biodiversity by digitally measuring the effect of interventions and CSR projects on biodiversity.

FaunaPhotonics’ technology can help achieve some of these targets, which the EU and its member states are committed to implementing by 2030, by measuring biodiversity digitally. These targets including for example: Habitats and species show no deterioration in conservation trends and status. The decline of pollinators is reversed. At least 10% of the agricultural area is under high-diversity landscape features. There is a 50% reduction in the number of Red List species threatened by invasive alien species. Cities with at least 20,000 inhabitants have an ambitious Urban Greening Plan.

FaunaPhotonics helps with a new approach toward acting on biodiversity challenges

Data will change the way the world looks at biodiversity. FaunaPhotonics is promoting an inclusive digital biodiversity approach. We can prove – data-based – the effect of interventions and CSR projects on biodiversity. FaunaPhotonics reliably monitors insects digitally, proven during several years of field testing. We place sensors in different habitats /locations and provide insect observation and biodiversity data, as well as the option to focus on specific areas or times and to compare different habitats /locations.

Be part of our unique Danish Biodiversity Project 2022

Be an ambassador for our project and present how biodiversity can be measured and improved. Participation is completely free of charge for you and we hope to install a sensor for two months at your location. All participants of the project can access data from all other sensors in the project.

Use the project for your PR and present your CSR project with us. Together we can do something about the biodiversity issues and identify effective interventions that enhance biodiversity for the next generations to come.

Do you want to be part of the Danish Biodiversity Project 2022? We are happy to provide you with more information and answer any questions you might have.

Please contact our project lead Mikael Poulsen at mipo@faunaphotonics.com or call him at +45 53 80 06 99.