FaunaPhotonics part of the MISTI-program

FaunaPhotonics is part of the MISTI-program in Denmark – Two interns join the Aquaculture part of the company in January 2021

January 11, 2021

Through the MISTI-program MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston) focuses on giving their students access to experiences in other countries around the world. Enhancing the understanding of different cultures and collaborations with other partners within companies, universities, and other private and governmental institutions. Advancing crucial research with global implications in the process. In their words: “The frontiers of knowledge and technology now stretch around the world, and problem-solving requires participation in world-wide networks of knowledge creation and use their intern program matches students with projects in companies and labs around the world based on the needs and interests of both parties. 1250 MIT students are part of the program every year, facilitating connections between MIT and other global leaders in research, industry, and innovation while being hosted as interns for 3-12 months in Denmark MIT-Denmark is bringing MIT together with Danish innovators in the fields of life science, sustainability, and technology. Here FaunaPhotonics is the perfect match, being an innovative company within these exact categories.

The idea of this program specifically is to raise awareness of Denmark within the MIT community and in MIT’s own words: “Provide MIT students with a unique insight into Denmark and Danish culture by contributing to meaningful work as an intern or researcher, as well as allow Danish companies to work with MIT students.”

At FaunaPhotonics we are welcoming two interns from MIT this January within the aquaculture part of the company: Abigail Mauermann and Yujie Wang.

Abigail Mauermann will be assisting in evaluating methods to analyze data from a dual-band sensor for aquatic monitoring purposes.

Abigail is studying Biological Engineering at MIT and will be advised and followed closely by our own Data analyst Josefine Holm Nielsen.

Yujie Wang will assist in evaluating the product concept for an on-site salmon lice sensor solution.

Yujie studies at the MIT School of Architecture and Planning with a focus on human-computer interaction, mixed reality, and AI-loT product development. Frederik Taarnhøj, Co-founder of FaunaPhotonics and CEO of FaunaPhotonics Aquaculture will be his advisor during the internship.