At Your Fingertips2022-05-31T13:51:54+02:00

At Your Fingertips

All data is easily accessible via a user portal, and allows the user to interact with the interface to create the view they need to make the right decision.

The process is very simple. Get your Volito. Get a unique user ID. Get access to your data. And then create the insights you need, when you need them. For each of our data products the you will always see total insect activity, which can be seen as daily insect counts or average hourly activity based on aggregated data from the past 7 days. You can then choose what specific species you would like to look at (depending on subscription), what time period you are interested in (day, week, month) and other data insights of relevance to you, such as biodiversity or special groupings like pollinators or pests.

FAQ – Tablet & Desktop

What is the advantage of the Volito compared to manually checking for pests with traditional traps?2022-04-07T12:33:11+02:00
  1. The Volito provides near real-time information to the user, a digital “heads-up” of the activity in your field, saving you from continually going to the field to check the traps.   As more and more insects are added into our insect library, Volito will become an invaluable early warning and monitoring system that supports and enhances the insights already gained from traditional monitoring services.
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