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On The Ground

Meet Volito. Volito is a latin term meaning “to flutter”, and is the name of FaunaPhotonics stationary sensor. Our Volitos see all flying insects as data, and we can train Volitos to identify individual insects based on wing beat frequency, body size, and other features unique to each insect.

Simply place your Volito in the area you wish to measure, plug it in to the power supply provided – and that’s it. As we don’t use pheromones, the same Volito can be used in multiple locations and geographies to provide specific insect data as well as insights into biodiversity. Whether it is in a farm looking at specific pests, or in a city park looking at biodiversity insights, for conservation agriculture or regenerative farming purposes, Volito sits and gathers information, and we convert that data into continual near real-time insights for the user.

To detect all flying insect activity, in an area of approximately 0,5 square meters 1-2 meters in front of it, Volito uses infrared LED lights.

Much like moths in the car headlights at night, the light is reflected from the wings and body of each insect that flies by, recording the wing beat frequency, and other features such as wing to body ratio.

We have validated our technique in laboratories using large numbers of live insects of known species and in the field (see published paper here).

Insect activity data combined with time, geolocation and environmental data are an input to digital farming solutions. Our aim is to offer data integration between in-field sensors and farming software platforms. Supporting integrated pest management including timely treatments and intelligent spraying equipment.

Our systems are developed in collaboration with partners in the agricultural sector. By involving growers, agricultural consultants, corporate R&D and scientists in our technical development we assure solutions are developed along the needs of customers. An affordable sensor-based digital solution which allows precise, accurate and efficient insect monitoring will be greatly advantageous for growers worldwide.

But ou data platform extends beyond the farm, enabling collection of insect data for biodiversity monitoring and other initiatives monitoring insects.

Volito sees the activity of all flying insects and the technology can in principle be trained to see any specific flying insect passing by. As of today, our technology is trained in recognizing seven specific insect species that are relevant in different farming perspectives.

FaunaPhotonics technology is uniquely positioned in the market and against competition.

FAQ – The sensor

Can I mobilize the Volito by putting it on my tractor/sprayer?2022-03-15T11:22:21+01:00
  1. No, the Volito is stationary. We are however currently working towards a mobile insect detection solution.
How many Volitos would I need to get data from my field?2022-04-07T12:35:18+02:00
  1. You only need one Volito to get access to data.  In the future it will be possible to subscribe to our network of sensors without having a Volito.
How hard is it to install and what do I need to be aware of?2022-04-07T12:42:39+02:00

When you install Volito, there is a clear set of instructions on-line for you to follow.  The Volito comes with power-supply (via battery and solar panel) and a pre-installed sim card.  Simply follow the instructions, and it should take 20-30 minutes.

There are a few things to be aware of to ensure optimal performance:

    1. Avoid shadow from vegetation on the solar panel.
    2. Make sure that the lens of the Volito is clean (if you spray, please cover the Volito and solar panel).
    3. Your Volito should always point north!
    4. During growing season, the Volito needs to be raised so it sits approximately 30-50cm above the crop or vegitation – depending on the crop or location, it might need to be moved up the pole once or twice, a process that takes 1-2 minutes.
Is it possible to buy a Volito? What am I buying as a user and what kind of data do I get?2022-04-07T12:48:22+02:00
  1. You rent your Volito and the data subscription via our distributors – FaunaPhotonics does not rent the equipment directly to the user.
  2. Your distributor will provide you with all equipment and access to all data of interest to you, via data subscription.  Please contact us for further information.
How far can the Volito detect insect activity?2022-04-07T12:52:17+02:00
  1. The Volito detects flying insect activity in an area of approximately half a cubic meter 1-2 meters in front of it.
How does the Volito recognize insects?2022-04-07T12:57:45+02:00
  1. By transmission of infrared light, Volito automatically detects the reflected light of each individual flying insect, that flies by.
  2. Articfiial intelligence and machine learning helps us to differentiate insect A from insect B, C and D and alos helps us differentiate insects from other material (leaves, dust, snow, rain etc).
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