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Celebrating published paper in the Scientific Report

March 4, 2022|News|

On the 16th of February Scientific Reports published a paper detailing our technology and how it has been and can be used in the future. Many of our current and former colleagues have been a part of the many projects, tests, and developments behind this. So, we at Faunaphotonics decided to through the head author Klas Rydhmer and everyone else a small party with a magnificent cake to top it off.

An update from our MISTI program Intern Yujie Wang.

February 25, 2021|Aquaculture, News|

How might we empower health analytics for sustainable aquaculture with sensor networks and Artificial Intelligence? Our MISTI program intern Yujie Wang has been working with this exact question through January 2021, contacting and interviewing stakeholders within the aquaculture industry. He has written a small sum up of this project, so far, below:

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