On The Ground – Mobile

Mobile development for autonomous monitoring

Our next adventure is going mobile. We know when and what, but we are missing the where? Imagine when driving through the field sensors automatically take in data from insects flying in the field giving you a clear heatmap showing densities of different insects in different parts of the field.

Use this data to avoid spraying areas with large numbers of beneficial insects and only spray areas with high numbers of pest insects. Saving money and avoiding overuse of pesticides and creating places of refuge in the field for the survival of pollinators, predators and parasitoids. Benifiting the natural ecosystem in and around the field.

We are currently using our breakthrough stationary optical sensing technology to develop a sensor for mobile field applications. So we can support integrated pest management with timely treatments and intelligent spraying equipment.

We will provide field specific insect data for heat mapping and precision spray planning capabilities and ultimately predictive behavior as well as on/off commands to pesticide sprayer nozzles in real-time

This project is under continued development by a separate team within FaunaPhotonics and being tested in field validation setups to integrate with mobile carrier systems.

With this development FaunaPhotonics provides unique valuable insect insight for technology partners in precision agriculture and beyond.

During the 2020- 2022 seasons we have tested the mobile approach with John Deere.

Promo video for John Deere project 2020

Promo video for John Deere project 2021