Data & insights for documentation on biodiversity

Make your impact on biodiversity traceable

Data insights on biodiversity deliver a powerful solution that is both technologically advanced and easy to implement. With our data your activities become traceable in terms of how they have or don’t have an impact on the biodiversity in your area. We enable you to keep track on  the positive impact you have on your environment and with confidence use the information for evaluation, reporting and documentation.



Our cutting-edge technology allows us to monitor flying insects in any type of habitat, including urban, natural, forestry, parks, and more, using near-infrared wavelengths. Through this process, we track insect diversity and can even identify important pollinators, like bees, on your premises. Importantly, our technology has no negative impact on your surroundings, and the information we collect remains unbiased, free from any human influence.

  • Continuous 24/7 monitoring of insects

  • Cost-efficient – no need for expensive consultants
  • Hassle-free maintenance with solar cell driven technology


Leveraging the power of AI and Machine Learning, our software analyzes the data gathered from insect monitoring and translate it into valuable insights about the biodiversity of your surroundings. This agile data setup is tailored to suit your specific needs, enabling evidence-based documentation, reporting, and decision-making.

  • Advanced AI & Machine Learning software

  • Real-time data analysis

  • Reliable foundation of data resources



By using our data-driven approach, you gain comprehensive knowledge about the biodiversity on your premises, empowering you to make well-informed decisions. Showcase the positive results of your environmental initiatives and comply with future biodiversity reporting requirements and regulations effortlessly.

  • Biodiversity Score for comprehensive evaluation
  • In-depth insights into biomass

  • Data for biodiversity KPIs, reporting, and documentation

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