Testing with Invivo in wine crop summer 2020 and 2021

During last summer we partnered with the French agricultural cooperative group Invivo, looking at the activity of European grapewine moths and American grapewine leafhoppers in French wine crops.

April 20, 2021

This project was the first time that our technology was tested in France and it was carried out in collaboration with three different wine cooperatives; Carve de Labastide in Toulouse, Univitis in Bordeaux and Agamy in Lyon.

We compared data from our sensors with on-site observations and identification of captured insects in the field. This was done to gather background data on insects with the same wing beat patterns as the two target pest insect species.

This 2021 season our testing in France, together with Invivo, will resume and our sensors are currently being installed at various vineyards around France. It will be interesting to compare this years data with last years and the goal is to continue on-site testing in the following years in order to build an extensive background database for our sensors.