Winner of biodiversity initiative project “Bøndernes Blomstrende Ideer” found!

Denmark has really opened their eyes when it comes to the importance of biodiversity and pollinating insects, and this is especially evident when looking at danish farmers! The creativity is flowing among the danish farmers when it comes to creating new biodiversity innovations and ideas.

May 27, 2021

Several different farmers have participated in our project together with Syngenta focusing on finding the best and most innovative ideas that can increase biodiversity. We received many good initiatives that can help increase biodiversity and sustain pollitors in the fields.

The initiatives range in intricacy from leaving corners fallow to sowing flowerstrips and creating small wetlands near the field, but one all of the initiatives had in common was that they showed that it does not have to be difficult or expensive to make a difference when it comes to supporting biodiversity!

The winner of the project is a cooperation between the four different farmers Steen Olsen, Preben Tving Andersen, Mette Tving Andersen, and Thomas Poulsen.

Collectively, they have 640 hectares of land and together, they have developed annual and perennial initiatives such as planting flower mixtures on unused corners of the field, building stone piles on the fields and leaving old, fallen trees along the edge of the field.

All these actions help increase biodiversity and insect activity in the field, since they create new habitats and serve as feeding source for insects, and this was the main reason why the expert jury voted for this exact winner.

The jury consisted of Birte Boelt, senior scientist at Aarhus University, Hanne Juncher Fris, consultant for Velas, Frederik Taarnhøj, co-founder of FaunaPhotonics and Julie Arildsen Winter, technical expert in sowing at Syngenta Nordic.

As the winners of Bøndernes Blomstrende Ideer 2020, the farmers have won a season with one of our sensors, allowing them to monitor insect activity in one of their fields.

Read more about the competition and watch Syngentas nice video about the project here.