Documenting biodiversity

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Are you ready to report and document your biodiversity footprint?
Can you explain how your organisation affects the biodiversity in your local area and throughout your value chain?

If not, we are here to help you do just that!

We help you document your impact on biodiversity

Unlock actionable insights into insect populations

At FaunaPhotonics, we’re your partners in understanding and documenting your impact on biodiversity. Our cutting-edge technology enables you to gain invaluable insights into insect populations, allowing you to monitor and evaluate your environmental footprint.

If you’re actively engaged in enhancing biodiversity and environmental well-being, our platform lets you showcase the tangible results of your initiatives, backed by robust, evidence-based data.

Our comprehensive biodiversity data and insights serve as the foundation for effective reporting. They provide you with a baseline for;

  • setting specific biodiversity goals

  • setting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to actually follow up on, and

  • monitoring the progress of your initiatives over time


Our data package is a powerful asset, empowering you to accurately document the current state of biodiversity. By implementing our solution, you’ll seamlessly meet upcoming biodiversity reporting requirements and adhere to regulatory standards set by authorities.

We empower you to champion biodiversity!

Why are insects so important to us?

Unlock nature’s secrets with FaunaPhotonics

Insects are the foundation of our ecosystems. Their well-being directly reflects the health of the entire natural world. By closely observing insect populations, we gain vital insights into the overall biodiversity of our environment. Monitoring local insects serves as a powerful indicator of whether the surrounding ecosystem is thriving or in a state of decline.

At FaunaPhotonics, we offer you the tools to monitor and track insect populations. This invaluable data empowers you to assess how your actions impact biodiversity. Armed with insights into insect life, you can make informed decisions and tailor your future endeavors to foster a positive impact on our environment.

Join us in safeguarding biodiversity and uncovering the secrets of nature, one insect at a time.

Some facts…

Insects are the very foundation of our world’s ecosystems, but they are threatened… 


Did you know that 2% of our insect families die every year?


Did you know that almost half of all remaining insect species on the planet are threatened with extinction?


Did you know that half of all insect species worldwide have already gone extinct since 1970?


Did you know that we’ve seen a 75% decline in the total insect biomass over the last three decades?

Yes, that’s scary information, but nevertheless it’s true

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At FaunaPhotonics, we are driven by a profound mission; to empower organisations worldwide in regenerating and restoring biodiversity on a global scale. Our vision encompasses a future where cutting-edge technology becomes the catalyst for positive change, allowing companies to make informed decisions that contribute to the health of our planet’s ecosystems. Be a part of our journey!

Who are we providing with biodiversity insights?

We supply different organisations with data and insights. Our partners come from various sectors and industries, being small companies and larger corporations spread over the globe. We are proud and grateful to take part in all of these biodiversity projects.